In spite of everything, I still miss my dishwasher

I remember the day I got a food processor.

My Mother isn’t big on cooking, but I never wanted for appliances. I didn’t even know what a food processor was until I was fifteen. But, when I watched cooking shows and saw how easy it made everything, I knew I needed one. You could make your pizza dough, then cut the vegetables and grate the cheese all in the same machine.

We finally got a food processor a few years later. I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would; eventually, I stopped marvelling at how easy it was to make hummus. I never thought to appreciate the garlic plate, the hand mixer, the blender. I never took a minute to contemplate how nice it was to have cookie cutters right there when I needed them. While I was whining about how awful it was to empty the dishwasher I never paused to reflect on how I could have washed those dishes by hand.

Then I moved out.

I love my flat. I love living in the middle of the city and am (mostly) willing to sacrifice the lack of storage space for the benefit of having excitement and events really close. It seems like a dream… until I have a craving for falafel. Or salsa. When I watch a cooking tutorial my heart once again beats for the ease of pushing a button. Sure, you can finely chop things, and a mortar and pestle do what they can. Both take immeasurable amounts of elbow grease and even more time.

Though… something weird has been happening. Creaming butter and sugar with a wooden spoon seems to take less time than the starting, stopping, and cleaning of a mixer. The rhythm of good knife chops seems soothing instead of monotonous. Could it be that I’m enjoying slowness? The connection I get to the things I’m making? The “pastry workout” that makes things seem… deserved?

When we do get the budget, and if we ever move, I doubt that I’ll lament the addition of a dishwasher. And I’d love a blender for things like smoothies. But, people have been making things without electronics for ages, and I’m starting to understand why. After all, if making things by hand was so much of a pain they wouldn’t have lasted this long, would they?

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