Can You Learn Makeup On The Internet? Effortless Makeup for Real Women on Udemy

You know the situation. You’re relaxing. Maybe you’re on public transit. Maybe you’re killing time while waiting in line. You’re scrolling through Instagram and you see a sponsored post, “you can make shoes online!”

I swear, there could be an ad for a pogo stick unicycling class and I’d stop and have that thought, “I could totally learn that.”

To be honest, I love the internet for that. It’s like when your parents told you that you could be anything; it makes you feel absolutely limitless. So, I decided to ask myself, “what can I learn on the internet?”

While I’d love to start with the aforementioned shoemaking class, my budget won’t allow it, and I don’t think the supplies would travel well. Seriously, my suitcase situation on this trip is actual insanity. So, I’m starting small. What if I can learn to do things I already do but do them better?

This led me to a Udemy class: Effortless Makeup for Real Woman

Apparently, it’s a best seller.

I watched through the entire course and spent many days experimenting with the looks.

Let’s start with the presenter.

Lousie is awesome. She speaks clearly, and she’s putting makeup on herself. Is it cool to watch a professional put makeup on a model? Yes. Does it make you feel like a seven-year-old who uncapped too many markers when you’re trying it on yourself? Essentially. She goes through why you’re doing what you’re doing. It feels like you’re just having a casual chat with a friend.

It starts with an everyday look, then goes through easy ways to transition into something more evening. She also covers fancy, super fun going out looks. I haven’t had the chance to try the heavier stuff yet, but the everyday face applied exactly as she says looks like this:

It’s a great look that makes you feel covered, but not overly done up. I used either high-end brands that she recommended (the Estee Lauder Foundation and Benefit mascara are two things that you should definitely invest in) or ones that were sort of in the same price range that I had.

Things to Note:

  • If you haven’t bought makeup in ten years and need to get all new stuff, you’ll end up spending quite a bit. Louise tries to recommend products at all ends of the spectrum, so you can get some drugstore finds, but I found a large amount of the stuff she recommended was either discontinued or impossible to find outside of the UK.
  • She recommends you put stuff on with your fingers. Like, a lot. I try to do everything possible to avoid touching my face so this gave me a bit of a conniption.
  • Udemy courses go on sale quite often, so if your budget is tight and you possess the virtue of patience try waiting it out for a month.


I liked the progression of looks here. The class is titled for real women, and that’s exactly who it’s for. The everyday look doesn’t take long once you get the hang of it and… I mean, it just looks good. I just felt like the best version of myself. I also kind of realized I’ve become a bit of a makeup snob. This course really inspired me to go back to the basics and try out drugstore stuff. I liked the inclusion of going out makeup, and I loved the bonus section on cleaning your makeup brushes. The only thing that really drove me nuts about this was how Louise doesn’t mention that when you put makeup on with your hands, you need to wash your hands just slightly less than an act five Lady Macbeth. At the same time, if you’re a grown adult who hasn’t figured that out yet…

Who This Is For:

I was never bad at makeup. To be perfectly honest, I was expecting this course to be crap. What could a paid course teach me that youtube couldn’t? Because of this course, I’ve gotten into some great habits. I used to make fun of people who touched up their makeup, but blotting my face and touching up my powder makes me feel kind of amazing. Switching up my lipstick? It feels like a whole new thing.

I have a friend who is an awesome person. However, she has a bit of an issue with choosing makeup that’s right for her skin and applying it in a natural, fresh way. A lot of women have the same problem. Makeup is something that gets taken for granted as assumed knowledge, but it’s not. Enter Louise.

If you have a teenage cousin or sister who needs to pare down, or if you’ve always felt a bit like you’re out of the makeup loop then this course is just what the beautician ordered. Putting on a face is not something that just gets bred into us, and it’s time to stop pretending like it is.



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