Friday Diary

Friday, April 12th

It’s been a weird week. We had a friend come to stay with us last Friday and it was so amazing getting to be social and have a good time without the “make a friend” pressure I’ve been feeling. Kinsale is super touristy and things are starting to pick up. I’m happy in one way- it means that I’ll have the possibility of getting back that travel spark I love- people on vacation tend to be really open to chatting and having a good time, but sadly those relationships are… well, that’s how I met my husband and a LOT of my best friends so I don’t want to say fleeting. I’m trying to be positive but I know that at the end of the summer it might be just as, well, lonely as this winter was.

We’ve been gearing up for Australia. Sometimes I forget the seasons are reversed and got super excited about swimming in the ocean for a minute… then I realized you don’t want to swim in water coming off Antartica on the cusp of winter. I’m debating doing a polar bear situation around here one day. Is it a polar bear swim if you do it in Spring?

This week I’ll just be doing my normal weird stuff. Trying to clean out the freezer before we leave, attempting to relearn to walk in heels, and seeing if free legging ads are a scam.

But right now? It’s pasta making time.