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Why I Love My Silk Pillowcase

I’ve always loved the idea of silk pillowcases. They seemed so needlessly luxurious. I ended up buying one on sale ages ago and… I mean, I brought it with me when I moved continents. There’s a reason- besides just feeling super fancy because you’re sleeping on silk.

Silk doesn’t conduct static the way cotton does, so your hair doesn’t frizz. There’s two types of fibre- staple and filament. Staple fibres are made up of a lot of short fibres being spun together to make one long thread. A filament fibre is much longer and smoother, so even when spun together you don’t get the fluffy halo-like appearance. Silk is one of the few filament fibres found in nature.

That filament fibre action makes it nice and slidey so that your face doesn’t get stuck on it. Less tugging on your face is always great for wrinkle prevention and overall comfort.¬† Silk also doesn’t pull moisture from your face-¬†that means your nighttime skincare stays on your skin longer so it can work. Since silk doesn’t produce static hair stays much less frizzy and easier to manage.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and it’s not as hard to clean as it seems- just throw your pillowcase in with everything else you clean on the delicate cycle and hang to dry. I find silk to be super quick drying as long as I put my laundry in by noon my pillowcase is dry by bedtime.

The biggest downside is definitely the cost- I paid $32 for mine five years ago, and that was on sale. The good thing about any sort of linen situation is that department stores tend to run really good sales. If you’re a bit diligent about it you can snap one up for a decent enough price.

Another option is to make your own. I’m definitely going to try this the next time I find a good price on silk satin. I tend to sleep weird and would love a more envelope style as my pillows tend to slip out of their pillowcase slots.

Overall with a silk pillowcase, I sleep better, I feel fancy, and I honestly think my skin and hair is thankful for it.

If you see a silk pillowcase definitely snap it up, or hey, it’s never to early to start your Christmas list!