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The Ups and Downs of Bluprint

Craftsy announced that it’s switching its pay by the class model onto the subscription model, Bluprint, as of January 8th.

I’ve been using Bluprint since April, and overall I really like it. I like the classes, I like that the subscription model lets me try new things without a huge cost commitment. I love embroidery and definitely wouldn’t have tried it if the class had come with a larger price tag. I like online video classes and while, yes, I probably could have learned everything I did through various youtube videos, saving time by having everything curated is a really good thing.

My biggest gripe with Bluprint is their search feature. I usually go on the Craftsy site and use their browse feature, then type the name of the class I want into Bluprint. I’m honestly really upset that that’s going to go away.

A lot of people are saying it’s the beginning of the end for Craftsy, but I’m not so sure. The subscriptions aren’t too costly, right now a year is $79.99. A lot of their one-off classes were that much or more. You still get to keep your downloaded materials.

What do you think? Is Craftsy’s reign of… whatever coming to an end? Will you try Bluprint?