Light Therapy Masks: My Experience

About two years ago I came across the Illumask (now discontinued). I’ve been using it pretty irregularly but I started using it again a few months before my wedding. I noticed that Neutrogena has now picked up the design and it’s not only cheaper but available everywhere.

The Neutrogena one appears to be an exact knockoff of the Illumask so I think they might have just bought the patent. The question, however, isn’t the chain of events that led to the mask. I’m sure all you really want to know is does it work?

The answer is one of those terrible yes and no’s. Acne is insanely complex. I’m not a scientist, just a person who falls into weird research loops and took quite a few biology classes. Keep in mind also that this is based on my use only. There are three main types of acne- hormonal, genetic, and what I’m going to call bacterial or surface. Hormonal is the lovely stuff that comes once a month. Genetic is well, genetic. These two types you can’t do anything about at home. All you can do is try your best to treat the breakouts when they come. If your main problem is internally caused acne and it’s getting out of control see a derm. They’ll be able to prescribe meds or even suggest lifestyle changes that can calm an outbreak.

Surface acne- or that bacterial stuff is a bit different. I get genetic and hormonal acne, but my biggest issue is that I’m a face toucher. I can’t help myself. Things like touching your face, falling asleep with makeup on every so often, and even if you’re cuddling and lying on your partner’s chest can transfer a LOT of bacteria. When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Walked for a bit and then didn’t immediately wash your face at your destination? This is where I find light therapy shines. I find since using it the only breakouts I’ve had to deal with are the hormonal ones.

Aside from being fun to use- who doesn’t want to look like Daft Punk for ten minutes? I find light therapy does have some benefits. Aside from the possible whole body placebo effect I very well might be experiencing, I find it’s nice to take ten minutes a day to kind of immobilize myself and remember to chill out. If you’re the type of person that finds your acne responds to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide face washes but want another tool in your arsenal to pick things up a bit faster, you may have found your new gadget.

And to acknowledge the thirty uses per remote thing?

Youtube and tools, m’dears. Youtube and tools.





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