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My 2018 in Clothes

Packing is weird.

Like super weird. I spent all year thinking that I was the biggest sufferer of nothing to wear. About two weeks ago I was faced with packing it all up to move and my real tragedy was that I simply didn’t have a good closet organization system.

Honestly, my biggest hurdle this year was my body. I’ve dropped a few dress sizes since moving to Ireland- I think they put less sugar in the food here? I’ve also been walking more and worked some really physical jobs. It’s led to some of my clothes looking a LOT better, but some also looking kind of strange.

Basically, this year I learned all about how important fit is.

On top of all that, I made two discoveries this year. The first was simple. Black jeans.

I’ve never really been into them, but I needed black bottoms for work. The only problem with them is that I love black tops and sometimes I feel a bit like I’m wearing too much black. Especially since I’ve been keeping my hair darker this year. Though I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a bit of year-round Halloween vibes.

The second thing? I have finally given up on interview pants. You know the pants- the ones you wear for job interviews that you kind of hate. They’re probably black, have a bit of a flare, and just plain don’t look good on anyone. I bought them for a job I worked in Dublin for a bit and honestly, I just full on hated them. Every time I had to put those on I felt like the worst version of myself. We weren’t allowed to wear skinny jeans, so I made sure to buy sixties inspired twill weave heavy cotton pants. Funny enough, they looked pretty darn identical to the aforementioned black jeans!

When I unpacked my wardrobe after moving I realized how much I wear because it fits or because I think it makes me look thinner and lets me blend into the background. So, for 2019 I want to be more creative. I get into ruts of wearing the same things over and over. It definitely involves a lot of stepping out of my black t-shirt and jeans comfort zone, but I think it’s time. I finally have a sewing machine so I can do alterations at home, and I’m ready to figure out what kind of clothes I like now.

Any ideas for things I should try? What are your style resolutions?


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