My 2018 in Crafting

I miss my stuff.

I know it’s trendy to be all minimalist and zen, but I hate it. We all know I moved countries, then houses, and it forced me to give up a lifetime’s worth of crafty collecting. I miss my beads, I miss having fabric, yarn, ribbons, and every other remnant of every craft I’ve tried. I probably won’t ever use the pony beads leftover from my prodigious bead animal phase, but then again, I might. I’m not saying you have to be a hoarder to be effective at crafting, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

My main focus this year has definitely been knitting. Knitting is amazing because it really doesn’t have to take much room. Don’t get me wrong- I could definitely fill an entire house with knitting stuff but in terms of hobbies it can be surprisingly low key. Also, knitting is just all kinds of awesome.

I started learning embroidery online and ended up with a really cute cushion. I also acquired lots of raw wool that I’m (very) slowly cleaning, carding, and will eventually spin.

I think my craft goal for 2019 is a big one. I’ve always struggled with finishing things. In knitting it’s the blocking, in sewing it’s the hemming… Even in just a year, I’ve compiled a good amount of weird little half projects, some kits, all sorts. In 2019 I want to focus on using supplies I have and finishing projects I’ve started. I’ve got tonnes of old clothes and finally have a sewing machine to do something with them. I have a dress I bought over a year ago now that I really want to turn into a sweater. I’m a craft hoarder, and this year I want to do something about it.

Except for the beekeeper’s quilt. I’ll finish that… someday.

What are your crafty resolutions?

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