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My Personal Style, Discovered

I’ve been dressing myself for a very long time. Apparently, I took over from my Mom’s European Modern Chic look when I was about three and decided I preferred my own “More-is-More-is-More” aesthetic. I’ve been through a dresses-only phase, a bedazzled jean jacket phase, and a lengthy (and kind of lasting) jeans and black t-shirt phase. So, what is my personal style?

Honestly, I have no idea.

I started by asking my friends. The word that came up the most is casual. Here’s the thing: I don’t feel like a casual person. I think a lot of my personal style was determined by growing up in Vancouver where casual is king. I’ve also never really felt great about my body- I was always tall and chubby. The thing is, I love clothes and I’m sick of not looking like it.

Moving from Vancouver to Ireland made me look through my clothes and realize that a lot of stuff I bought, pieces I really loved, had never been worn. I mostly packed stuff just because it fit. I’m not happy with my closet, and I constantly think about how much I hate all my clothes.

In an effort to prevent that from ever happening again we’re going to conduct a little experiment. Can the internet diagnose my style?

I took sixteen online quizzes and got:

Trendy x3

Bohemian x2








And, I also got Australia, Stockholm, and New York twice.

So, let’s analyze.

I think I got trendy so much because almost every quiz asked if I kept up with trends. I obviously do, I mean, I love a good fashion week roundup. Part of why I spend so much time analyzing runways is because it helps to know what’s worth buying when you’re staring at a clearance rack.

As for Bohemian, I think I definitely have flowy, girly, print-y tendencies but could never figure out how to make the look work for me. I always feel really self-conscious when I’m flowy printed stuff. I don’t know why.

I think out of everything the thing that shocked me most is Australia. I love Australia, it’s a great country, but I never feel quite… right there. It wasn’t too bad when I was in a Melbourne winter, but a far north Queensland spring and a Victoria summer left me having to wear shorts or melt. In an ideal world, I think I might be a sundress girl, but I always feel weird in them.

I don’t know if the internet can tell me my style. I think it’s something I need to rehone and really think about. More than anything I need to work on my confidence because anything worn with confidence automatically looks good.

Also, I think I just might need to buy more prints.



One thought on “My Personal Style, Discovered

  1. Personal style is something that’s fluid and can be difficult to define, I feel. A lot of it depends on context. What I can say with conviction, though, is that internet polls and online quizzes can’t tell you who you are.

    I also agree that you’re right about confidence so, whatever you wear or decide is ‘your style’, the most important thing is your self-confidence and self-esteem… 🙂

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