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Why I’m Not Sold On Supplements

I’ve been known to fall hard into the supplement trap. Weight loss pills? I’ve tried them all. Probiotics? Every morning. If there was something you could put in pill form I would spend a ridiculous amount of money on it and swear by it.

Keep in mind the only supplement that was recommended to me by a medical professional was melatonin and it came with the caveat that it wasn’t an every night thing.

I haven’t taken a supplement in over a year and I’ve been doing better if anything. I’ve dropped dress sizes with minimal effort, my nails have been strong, my hair’s been shiny.

We all know supplements are unregulated. They can say whatever they want and list whatever ingredients may or may not be in there. I think there are some companies that get into with the right intentions, but most of the time the supplement business is all about the money.

Sometimes supplements are necessary, but those recommendations come from doctors, not magazines or celebrity endorsements.


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